Playing at the Film Forum (209 W Houston St btw 6th Ave & Varick St). The documentary premiered on July 21st & ran for a limited time (2 wks).

The film tells the story of Jean Michel Basquiat. The film includes actual live footage from Jean Michel’s friend & film director, Tamra Davis. Tamra was a film student when she met Jean Michel in LA. She would shoot Jean while he painted in his LA Studio & one day ask him to sit down & do a small Q&A. She never showed the footage, and it was locked away for over 20 yrs.

We see interviews from Jean Michel’s ex-girlfriend’s, ex-partner – when he went by the name, SAMO, managers, and close friends. They talk about how they first met Jean. And his introduction to the Downtown 500. The hype he created when he started tagging SAMO everywhere. And his close relationship with, Andy Warhol.

You hear the discussions on how profound and advanced Jean Michel was, solidifying to me that he was a genius, introduced to us before our time. They breakdown the inspirations behind most of his pieces; with explanations ranging from racism, promiscuity & his affair with Madonna, a childhood accident, his favorite artists, as well as some of his favorite musicians (classical to Bee bop).

The film is about 90 mins in duration. It touches on a lot of factors that contributed to the personality of Jean Michel, as well as theory on what factors lead to his sudden death at a tender age of 25 years old.

Overall, this film is a must-see or a DVD to have. Please check the website for the film’s tour dates & expected DVD release date.


It’s that time of year again, when New Yorkers can enjoy eating at some of the most renowned restaurants in New York at a super affordable price. NYC Restaurant Winter Week started on Jan 25th and will last for two weeks, ending on Feb 7th.

NYC Restaurant Week has been an annual event for over 15 years in New York City. As restaurant week has grown to being a highly anticipate event in New York City, the number of restaurants that have gotten on board to participate, has also grown. NYC Restaurant Week comes around twice a year, in the winter and the summer. The menus that are offered at participating restaurants, are prix-fixe courses and three course meals for lunch and dinner. This year the prices are $24.07 and $35.

When you consider what you spend at a moderately priced restaurant, both prices are relatively affordable. Some restaurants that are participating in Restaurant Winter Week are Nobu, Mesa Grill, Cipriani’s, Dos Caminos, and Tribeca Grill. There are a total of 260 participating restaurants – the highest number of restaurants to participate to date.

Click here to view a listing of all the participating restaurants and their restaurant week menus.

They are also debuting the Restaurant Week Truck. The truck can be found in various locations throughout the city. The truck is a cool addition to Restaurant Week, because it allows New Yorkers to enjoy participating restaurants while on-the-go. The truck will offer soups from various restaurants. A cool lunch meal for the 9-5er.

If you go to to view where the truck will be located.

Miss Jilly from Philly will be hitting a television near you. She is set to star in an original movie ‘Sins of the Mother’ on the Lifetime Movie Network. The movie is schedule to air on Feb 20th, 2010 at 8 PM EST.

Jill plays, Nona, a recovering alcoholic, who has a three year old daughter, and who is living a clean and sober life. While Nona was an alcoholic, she had a daughter, Shay (Nicole Beharie). Shay is now a college student who is stressing out from the college life. For some reason, she sets out to go back to her hometown, and confront her mother on her alcoholic lifestyle. But Shay is surprised to see that her mother has recovered from her alcoholism and is living a clean life, with a new child. Shay then has to accept her mother’s new life, and leave the harsh memories that she has of Nona in the past.

‘Sin of the Mother’ is based on the novel, Orange Mint and Honey, by Carlee Brice.


Here is the trailer

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Last week, I went to the movies and caught Ninja Assassins at the AMC Empire 25 Theater. Although, I was ready to push all of the people off of into the street, because it was so overcrowded (of course, because it was the day after Thanksgiving). We picked up our tickets from the kiosk machines at the front of the theater, and went up to our seats. When the movie started it reminded me of Kung-Fu Hustle, the evil gang with the obnoxious, loud mouth ringleader. Less than fifteen minutes into the movie, the action starts and it is gorey good! It was borederline cheesy, but good.

As the movie continues, we are introduced to the main characters, Mika Coretti – the police officer who is connecting the dots to a string of murders to the ancient gang, Ozunu Clan. And Raizo, the rebel ninja assassin, who was an orphan when he was taken in by the Ozunu Clan. But rebelled against his adopted family when his love was killed. Raizo, follows Mika, and attempts to protect her at all costs from the always approaching Ozunu Clan.

The storyline has this rollercoaster feel, where the story is going well, and then it dips and starts to get really close to being cheesy. But just when you think it is going to nosedive into the land of martial art clichés, some interesting twist occurs in the story. Mostly when the story goes back to Raizo’s past when he was growing up in the Ozunu Clan. This rollercoaster style plays to keep the movie interesting.

The fight scenes are AWE-SOME!!!!!!!! They reminded me of realistic anime fight scenes, like a fight scene with Ichigo and Ulquiorra, in the anime series, Bleach (my apologies if I got too geeky for you). Or the sword skills of the Ozunu Clan, and Raizo, the way they wielded their swords was like watching watching Ichigo, or a member from the Soul Society hold their Zanpakutō (Another Bleach reference). Or how the Ozunu Clan have these techniques that allow them to heal their injuries. They move their hands and fingers in a way that reminds you of Naruto.

Based on the anime subtleties, fight scenes, rollercoaster storyline, I would say this movie is a good movie to go see. The final fight scenes solidify that this is a good martial art movie.

Ch-Ch-Ch-Check it out…

If you do not know about Ty, then you need to slap yourself three times and get with the program. And very under-rated UK artist that has lyrical skills for days. My homegirl, AriTaurus420 Photography.

She also put me on to Taylor McFerrin, who is Bobby McFerrin’s son. You remember the song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”? Well, Taylor has taken up his father’s musical talents and is one of the sickest Beat-boxer’s I’ve ever heard. Funny thing is I check out his Myspace Pg and was listening to his music, was introduced to him, and didn’t realize he beatboxed until he was on stage beatboxing. I laugh at myself every time I think of that nite. You can find his album on iTunes, or check out his music, listen closely to the music, because he is the one making the noises that sounds like instruments.

But back to Ty, I will hopefully have the honor to sit down quickly and interview him for a project I was invited to do. With permission, hopefully I’ll be able to post that interview.

The thing about Ty is that he is very, very under rated. He has a smooth voice, laden with the British accent that most of us Americans love. He doesn’t sound like the heavily marketed Dizzee Rascal – who’s show I attend when he was in BK @ Southpaw, I’ll post those pics and review shortly. and we all know how M-I-A is marketed and promoted as this dope chick, but I don’t like her or her music, and she is always doped up!

But Ty, is one of those fun lyricist, like I would put him in the same category as Mos Def, Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, but for the UK. Like you can tell he comes from the 90’s era where The Jungle Brothers was the shit, De La Soul was heavily rotated, and Hip Hop was well seasoned with a vast variety of lyrical skills.

He has this comedic air to him on some of his tracks, and on the ones where you can tell he is speaking about an experience he had, he expresses his views and opinion in the most melodic way. Like “Music 2 Fly 2” off of his last album, Closer. Just listening to that track gives me goosebumps. And if you are listening to it in your iPod the way the music plays makes the NYC streets look like a musical. Or the song that is playing in my head now as I write this blog, “The Tale” off of his first album, Akward, where he talks about a girl he meet and what happens when she comes over to the crib. The story is funny in an way that you would not expect, because he over steps his boundaries and she checks him, lol.

The sad thing about Ty’s music is it is somewhat hard to find, but you can Google his albums, Akward, Upward, or Closer. Check out his Myspace too, you can always hit him up and see where he has some of his albums.

Or you can do one better, and come check these fellas out tomorrow @ The Knitting Factory. The tixx are only $15 @ the Door, $12 in advanced, which is a good deal considering these guys are both equally talented.

Come on out and Support!!!

~ f@ke

If you love music the way I do, then you should completely understand the feeling that goes through you when you hear that artist, who’s music is so soul rocking, you can’t help but get goosebumps or chills down your back, when you hear them for the first time. From that point on, you go on a somewhat rampage to find more of their music, more of their amazing gift.

Well, that is how I felt when I first discovered this wonderful lady, Janelle Monae. Miss Monae is from Kansas City, Kansas. She was first featured on the The Purple Ribbon All- Stars “Got Purp” album by Big Boi, of Outkast. She later was featured again on the Idlewild Soundtrack, on the songs “Call The Law” and “In Your Dreams”.

Her sound to me is like a new-aged Kelis, but better. There is definitely a nagging comparsion to Andre 3000’s eclectic musical talents and style. In a way where when you hear her sci-fi storyline for ‘Violet Stars Happy Hunting’, she opens up saying “I’m an alien from outter space. I’m a cyber-girl without a face. I’m a product of metal”. You can only imagine where she’s going to go with her lyrical content.

But she also has a beautiful singing voice and can definitely take you there with her pitch and range. Sweet and sultry, she gives you chill bumps when you hear her sing a ballad.

Her band is amazing, the beats are catchy, but yet you’ve never heard of a sound quite like hers.

Personally, I read a piece on her last year over on the Clutch Magazine website. That was the moment when I craved more from Miss Monae, but there was none for me at that time.

I can’t say what made me look for her again. Oh, it was the second piece Clutch did on her in Jan ’08, and I’ve been ok ever since. But, there is no actual album dropping from Janelle until this Summer. I must correct myself in calling it an “album” as she and her Label, The Wondaland Arts Society, have remastered the theory of how music is perceived, and called her debut a ‘suite’.

To define the term ‘suite’ I will have to quote what Janelle and The Wondaland Society say themselves:

The concept of the suite release was inspired by the observation that the youth of the iPod generation no longer buy or listen to entire albums. They listen to playlists. They grab their favorite three to four songs from a particular album, add those to a playlist, and then discard the rest of the album like yesterday’s news.

In order to re-excite the public, the label is forced to do guest spots and remixes, additional videos and deluxe CD releases….all in a vain attempt to intrigue the record buyer again.

With this in mind, the Wondaland Arts Society has decided to release its content in a quarterly “suite” fashion. Like successful serial programs such as Lost or Heroes, this release schedule allows dynamic artists such as Janelle Monáe to always stay fresh: she always has a new chapter or musical world to visit, a new song raiding blogs and earbuds.

As one can imagine, this suite model continually excites the consumer and music lover, while creating countless opportunities for Ms. Monáe to experiment artistically and grow creatively with her audience.

Pretty neat idea. She was recently signed to Bad Boy and did a showcase show for the Industry folks, this past Thursday @ The Blender Theater. I’ll post pics from that next.

Check out some of her tunes. My Favorite songs, actually. So I’d consider yourself lucky 🙂

music player
I made this music player at

~ f@ke

On 10/27 the tier zero CLAWmoney Nike Vandal DROPS!!!!
On 10/27 the tier zero CLAWmoney Nike Vandal DROPS!!!! however, you can pick up the matching peacock sweatshirts at and exclusive CLAW retailers like iheart in NYC. On 10/27 the tier zero CLAWmoney Nike Vandal DROPS!!!!
On 10/27 the tier zero CLAWmoney Nike Vandal DROPS!!!!

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